Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'll Take Some Good With The Bad

It could have been worse. It could have been ALOT worse. Penn State pretty much had its way with our Orange for the majority of Saturday's game at Happy Valley - especially through the air. But again, it could have been worse. I'm not a fan of moral victories, but I will point out some good points.

SU D stuffed the Nittany Lions on the goal line on a few occasions. Hell, they even caused a fumble on the 2 yard line which they recovered.

The flip side to that, of course, was the call to run up the gut 3 straight times resulting in a punt after that fumble recovery. YEEEEEEEESH!!!!!!

Opportunities might have been blown, but at least there were opportunites. Fuck me, if thats not a 'glass half full' statement I don't know what is.

Most notably the final minute in the first half. Out of timeouts, the Orange needed to put some points on the board but didn't manage the clock well enough to get within reasonable firing distance of the end zone. Hell, the officials even gave Marrone and Co 2 straight timeouts with the review of Lemon's catch (which it clearly was) and the decision to review the play again to see if it made a first down (which it clearly did not). Thanks for the TOs, refs. None-the-less, SU went to the locker room with a goose egg.

Paulus didn't look half bad. But his receivers had the dropsies all damn day. Mike Williams had the drop of the day in the endzone on a 'must score' possesion.

The Stalion formation worked when implemented. But lets face it. The only play ran out of it was the "Fake the handoff to Carter - Bailey takes off up the middle" (I'll call that play a 'shot of Baileys on the Rocks'). And while I'm not great with keeping up stats I'd say that damn play is good for about 5 damn yards every time. Put that in your coach's notebook. On 3rd and 5 - "Hey Bartender!! Shot of Baileys On The Rocks!!!"
Damn if they could only throw out of that formation. Cause the fucking cats outta the bag and Opposing Defenses are going to be ready for that play sooner rather than later.

The Axeman thinks that this battle tested SU squad is ready to put NorthWestern in the ground next Saturday. I love that kind of optimism. But I've been hurt before (Thanks alot Greggers) and I'm not ready yet.

TNIAAM sums it all up here

(Paulus still looks lke Troy Nunes when he scrambles)


Side notes: The game menu once again included Hot Italian Sausages and Yuengling.

Today's Menu for the NFL opener is gonna rock. My wife has slow roasted a chunk of meat all freaking day to the point where it pulls right off the bone. That stuffs been marinating in her kick ass 'hot and sweet brown sugar bbq' sauce and is gonna be stuffed into some oversized HB buns and topped with cole slaw for some kick ass BBQ Sammiches!! Take that, Dinosaur!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Been A Long Time, Shouldnt've Left You W/O A Dope Beat To Step To

Damn its been a while. Sorry for the absence. But since my last post Ive lost both jobs and started up on a new and better one. Anyone who caught the game yesterday HAS to be optimistic about our Orange this season and beyond. Don't get me wrong, early on in the first quarter it looked like the same ol same ol. Snap over Paulus' head, turnover, Gopher RB takes in a score untouched. You know the script. But then not only did the D step it up, but the offense found some rhythm. I'm digging the new 'stalion' formation. I think if Bailey could throw out of the damn thing it'd be all the more difficult to defend. 'Cause towards the end of the game Minnesota D was stacking 8 in the box to defend it.
Greg Paulus didnt dissapoint. Dont get me wrong. He wasnt fantastic in his debut but for someone who's been away from the game for 4 freakin years he looked solid. But I know I wasnt the only one getting Troy Nunes flashbacks watching him scramble. And don't tell me that first play didn't look just like our old #11? Hand to God I had to do a double take. Speaking of which, not only do I dig the new NunesMagician site. But I completely agree with my fellow Blogger that on the last offensive play Paulus should have either found Williams sooner or gotten rid of the ball so 'Cuse could at least put up three. You cannot lay a goose egg on the first possesion in OT. Cannot Cannot CANNOT.
All in all I'm with so many other fellow Orange fans when I say I took some hope away from our home opener. Offense looked a hell of alot better than last season. D played with some heart. Crowd was into it the whole way. Looking forward to some good things this year. I truly believe Syracuse can pull off 4 or 5 wins and maybe steal another.
As for my thoughts on the Golden Gophers their QB, Weber, looks like he's going to break every Minnesota passing record that exists. The guy backing him up looked sick (in a good way) in what little time I saw him. He's gonna be a hoss somewhere down the road. That Decker fucker caught damn near everything thrown at him and finished with around 180 yards recieving. He'll be playing on Sundays.

Oh and speaking of playing on Sundays, Art Jones gets my Monster Quest award this week for being the beast of the D Line. After every tackle they should flash that shot from the show where the evil looking beast eye blinks and growls. Yeah... don't act like you've never watched that shit.

Side notes: Yesterday's menu included Hot Italian Sausages and Yuengling (on sale for $8.99 for a 12 pack..... kick ass!!!). Oh and a fresh pack of Pall Mall Ultra lights. Yeah... the Orange pack. Heh Heh heh...

And for anyone who's wondering, my Hakim Warrick collection is coming along nicely.

Hak Collection

Think collecting hoops cards is for little kids?? Wrong, bitch!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

One Candidate Down

Well so much for the Edsall talk.

Randy Edsall Not Interested In Coaching At Syracuse

Looking Back....Looking Ahead

If you didn't watch Saturday night you missed some fine punting from Rob Long. But thats not why we're here today. In case you reside under a large rock the inevitable finally happened yesterday. The right move was made, but should have been made damn sooner. I'll spare you the numbers because Lord knows we all know just how bad Orange footballl has gotten.
• T3I sent Greggers off in style.
• TNIAAM took the liberty of preparing Robinson's resume for him.
• The Axeman sorts through the rubble.
• Donnie Webb weighs in with his top candidates.
Aside from College Football's Ugliest Uniforms, GRob does leave the quad sporting 2-0 record against in-state juggernaut Buffalo and bragging rights for sticking it to Louisville the past two seasons.
Doc Hollywood has assured SU fans far and wide that he's ahead of the game this time.
"To say we're ahead of the game is an understatement, - I want to work at this at Godspeed, to get it done. If I could get it done yesterday, I would. But we want to get it done the right way and be really smart about it and figure out every angle on this to make sure we can win."
Pete Carroll, that's you cue to sit by the phone and answer on the third ring.
We've been hearing all summer/fall about how Gross is going to have the 'first pick in the draft', and how he's got 10 trillion dollars to spend on the next coach. Unfortunatley ClemPson, Washington, Tennessee, among others all got a head start out of the gate. Word from D Webb is that Randy Edsall is the leading cadidate and is actually interested in the job. I still think we missed that boat back in 2004 but since Edsall hasnt flat out denied interest in the SU job, who knows. Hell, if he inks to a deal with Gross at least it'll make the UConn/Syracuse football rivalry just as heated as the hoops rivalry. Wasnt Axe saying not too long ago that Syracuse doesnt have a primary rival anymore?? Hmmmm.....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Syracuse/Rutgers Live Blog

Morning all! Just for shits and giggles I'm blogging live today during the game so check back periodically. If you dont get ESPNU, I've got your updates covered!

Hour and 15 to game time...

1st Quarter.:Its wet, 'Cuse can't tackle (surprise) and Rutgers is threatening.

Update.. threatening no more. Teel Threw a sweet pick. No Scarlet Knight around in the end zone. Easy pick. Holding penatly coming up on SU 1st down... whoooppeee....

after the hold.. Pass interference on 'Cuse. Still 1st and 22..... damn near their own goal. Pass to Owen gets them back to the original fucking line of scrimmage. 3rd and 9.

Doug Houge just broke one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gone!!!!!! TD!!!!!

Damn, I could have drove a cement truck through the hole he had to run through. Great call on 3rd and long.

7-zip 'Cuse

Rutgers responds with a 3 and out. SU blocked the punt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14-0 on a Graham (correction) block!!!!!! Hell theyre scoring faster than I can type!!! Whens the last time we saw a SU punt block for a TD??

14-0 SU rolling..... Rum and coke #1 - GONE

Another 3 and out for Rutgers. Fair catch made by Bruce at about the 10

Scarlet Knight D makes the stop. 3 and out for 'Cuse. Rob Long booted one to the RU 31.

If I see this fucking commercial for these dufus ass die cast trucks I'm going to throw something. Wouldnt be so bad but they take like 3 fucking minutes.

Rum and Coke # 2 - GONE

SU D looks soft this quarter. Rutgers ran the same fuckin play twice in a row for 2 1st downs. Scarlet Knights in FG range

1st and goal Rutgers. Whooooooo.... made this 3rd Rum and Coke kinda stttttrong.

Dammit!!!!!!! TD Rutgers. Teel toss to Underwood. Easy catch. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!

I love when anncouncers cant get a players name right. "Matt Sutter with the runback"

More fun from the announcers. Sales dropped a pass... "couldnt complete the Sale".... Har Dee Har Har. Dantley sacked. SU punting

Rum and Coke # 3 - GONE

Scott went down hard. Looks to be OK

Teel is picking this SU secondary apart. SU D still looks soft. Theyre hitting but not covering

TD Rutgers. Teel put it on the money in the corner of the endzone.

This one announcer has no fucking personality. Remember that Simpsons episode where Bart goes to the Box Factory? The guy who gave the tour is calling this game.

Normally SU waits til the 4th quarter to give a ball game away. Guess they figurd 'why wait?'

Rutgers D holds. Boonah got robbed out of a 1st down. Looked lke he stretched it out and his knee wasnt down. SU punting (again)

Rum and Coke #4 - GONE

Hate to say it but great call by Rutgers on 3rd and long. Same draw play that Hogue scored on earlier. 1st down Rutgers. 40 seconds til halftime.

SU Pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chance for a FG at least. Good time to have Shadle.

Dantley ran for the 1st. SU FG att coming.

FG blocked but Time was called first.

Another attempt coming.

What the crap??? another timeout. another miss.

Tied 14 All at halftime. Time to refill on booze.

SU starts at their own 28. 1st half stats heavily favor Rutgers... except the 3 SU take-a-ways.

3 and out for' Cuse. Rutgers is bringing alot of pressure.

I'm going with my frosty cold mug and ice cold beer this half.

Still havent seen DR J throwing ice cubes in glasses yet.

Art Jones broke free and forced a sack!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.....
2nd and 20 Rutgers

My wife's only comment of the game is that Art Jones has a huge ass.

Oh Rutgers punting...

HUGE run by Boonah for the first time today!! 1st and 10 Cuse on their own 33

Dammit!!!!!!!!!! Pressure came. Dantley coughed it up. Fucking Rutgers ball already in FG range.

Beer #1 - GONE

Son a bitch!!!! Teel pass to Campbell. Rutgers on the 1. Should have been a score IMO. Probably will be in about 1 or two plays. Wait... under review. Should be a score.

Play stands. RU ball on the 1. Young is in. 21-14 Rutgers. SU needs to keep it on the gound next time out.

If that wasnt enough fun to watch heres my favorite 3 minute long Die Cast Truck commercial again.... AGAIN.

Beer #2 - GONE

Son of a bitch another sack. Turns out SU did show up after all. 3rd and forever on their own 10.

Dantley just tossed it 5 yards deep in the sideline. SU punting.

Rutgers at midfield

Youve got to be fucking kidding me. 45 yard run by Rutgers. Direct snap to the Martineck. he hit the corner and was GONE.

So is Beer # 3

SU keeps it on the ground like they should. Gee.... funny its halfway through the 3rd quarter and theyre down by two scores to figure that shit out. 1st down Syracuse.

Rutgers facemask just gave SU another 1st down. I aint complainin

Play action doesnt work again. Dantleys pass way off the mark... again.

While I'm happy that Boonah's getting postitve yards this half he doesn NOT need to be jumping over defenders when he doesnt have to. Remeber those past injuries??

Another sack. Dantley went down akward and is down. NOT GOOD!!!!! Right knee twisted. Hate to see that. For any player. Hope he's OK

Shadle is good. 28-17 Rutgers. Looks like we may see ARob for the first time since NW.

Great return by Rutgers. Scarlet Knights with great field position.... again

End of the third. Rutgers threatening. Lots of work for SU to do to get back in this one.

4th down coming up for Rutgers. Looks like theyre going for it. I'd just kick the FG and be happy with the lead. Its not like SU has posed much of an offensive threat.

Rutgers just paid for going for it on 4th. BIG stop by SU D. 'Cuse takes over on downs. Loss of 3 on first down. ARob in at QB

3 and out again.... Time ticking away.

Beer #4 GONE

If youre wondering ARob threw one pass which was way off and then ran but wound up short of the 1st. RU at their own 35.

Crap. Teel just tossed a 40 yard beauty to Tim Brown (not that one). Rutgers 1st and 10 at the 15

Fuck, before I could even finish typing another Underwood TD grab. We all know SU is NOT a 4th quarter team. This ones fucking over.

ARob pass was batted down by a LB. 2nd and 10 'Cuse on their own 30

Heres the same quote I give my wife every week. I just shake my head and assure her.... "It didn't used to be this way"

Thank God for the 98 Rutgers game clips earlier! How cool was it to see Kevin Johnson, McNabb and Konrad?? Sweeet.....

Worst play Ive seen in a while from ARob. Pocket collapsed. He could have run. Decided to dump it off to Brinkley but threw it ... about 10 feet short on the ground.

ARob complete to Hogue for a few. Still short of the first down. But hey, at least the ball found its target.

Dont hold your breath for an SU comeback. On 4th down ARob sailed a pass way over the intended receiver's head. Ddidnt catch who it was. I was busy throwing a pillow against the front door. Remember... throw it at the front door. It absorbs impact better than other doors in the house.

Oh.. and Rutgers driving. Ball game pretty much over.

Wait.. too little too late but Mike Holmes just recovered a Young fumble. 1st and 10 Syracuse.

And just like that Boonah caught on in the flat, got a few yard then got the hell knocked out of him. Coughed it up too, so Rutgers has it right back. Shit!

Refs reversed the fumble call. SU ball

ARob goes down for another sack. I believe thats 5 on the day for Rutgers. Geeeeeeeeeez..


Only thing that could make this worse is another fucking die cast truck commercial.

Greg Schiano looks like Charlie Brown with a gap in his teeth

1st down Rutgers.

Young with another carry. Another fucking Rugers 1st down. I think I just saw the grim reaper standing behind Greg Robinson.

Another Young carry. Another first down

Its over. Minute left... just take a fucking knee

Knee taken. Its over.

BEER ME!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah... I know I'm a day late for this. But I had a ton of work yesterday and didn't get around to it. Piss off.

When's the last time we Orange faithfull got to send a big 'Har Dee Har Har' out two years in a row?? Been a while. In fact, last time Syracuse beat someone in back-to-back seasons was Boston College in 2004. Yeah, I know... that one's tough to beat.

Its a damn shame Boonah won't be around next season because he's really starting to come into his own. He's opening a few eyes on the national level as well. Look to the right under "Ground-churning runners". Number 3 on that list look familiar?? Hell I can't remember the last time we had someone other than Rob Long getting some consistant kudos. But there he is. Damn well eanred too. He's looked fucking S-O-L-I-D lately!

As I looked around at various posts and blogs and forums I couldnt help but notice those Orange faithful who just don't know how to enjoy a good win.

"Robinson still has to go"

No shit, nim-wad. Enjoy the fucking win.

"I didn't even watch yesterday because I don't care about SU football anymore"

And you missed a hell of a win. Try not to hang yourself.

"While they don't win or lose games, they have to go back to the orange pants. That's the tradition & they look better."

An in-the-books conference win and you're bitching about the pants?

I could go on and on but those dip-shits will always be around to piss out the fire. So fuck 'em.

As The Axeman recaps happily the ball finally bounced our way a few times. The Bruce fumble turned out to be no big deal. There's still a mountain to climb as far as pursuit and tackling goes. But, hell with it, a wins a win. My only gripe was that the game was on ESPN U, which really fucks with your head as you're watching the scores on the bottom of the screen. Men's Polo? Table Tennis? Badminton? Once I saw all the Ivy League schools I knew something was up.

T3I have no problem admitting they were dead wrong in the outcome of the Louisville game. Hell, so was everyone in the stands - all 10,000 of them. And, like me, they're pretty damn happy to be wrong in this case.

The Sport Hump found a few things that SU football is better than. Nice homework on Dick Dawson BTW. Gentlemen, I raise my glass.

I'll add something to your list. This stupid ass album that found its way onto shelves today. Its just fucking awful. Please, music critics, feel free to quote me on that. You'd get more enjoyment out of your 10 bucks if you bought a 10 dollar vase and purposely dropped it on your own foot. Unk can't rap worth a damn. But at least the beats were pretty sweet on the last album. Even though 'Walk It Out' got real old real fast. This time around the beats were pretty sorry and the material was about as unoriginal as it gets

So I'll add something to the Sport Hump List and get my Tuesday trash (On The Block @ 3 PM) out of the way while I'm at it. Trash it!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chitlen Legs??

Bill Cosby is Pumped Up About Temple Football!!!

Thats the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.

Poor Bastards gotta be losing it. I still Love 'Himself' I don't care what you say.

"I dont know!!"